Top 20 Blogging Niches For Affiliate Marketing

There is always been a very hot topic for the new affiliate marketers that which is the most profitable niche for affiliates. Here I have brought you the top 20 affiliate marketing niche that will help you to generate good revenue.

1. Digital Marketing niche

Now a day affiliate marketing is the most followed profession in the digital marketing world. Now many business owners grow their business by following digital marketing methods and decreasing interest in traditional marketing approaches.

You can easily reach your audience with digital marketing, all digital marketing is done with a website, social media, search engine mobile application, etc. your business gets an infinite advantage when you join it with digital marketing strategies.

You can make money by creating a digital marketing blog. Expand your business on mobile marketing, email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Digital marketing niche

If we see from a few years affiliate marketing has been the most competitive digital marketing in the market and now in 2020 affiliate marketing is a wide niche that has grown rapidly over the year. Digital marketing spread over any marketing with a website, social media, search engine, mobile apps, etc.

Every business owner wants to go on digital marketing and try to make a presence online. The suitable method for establishing a successful Affiliate marketing business in this niche by puts your effort into insightful articles, videos, and webinars

There are some marketing technique that helps you in digital marketing

  1. Mobile marketing:-  There is no need for anything it only includes app marketing with mobile apps.
  2.  Video marketing:-  youtube is the best platform for video marketing, you can share techniques on how to produce excellent content and how to grow the audience.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):- It is a process of making a web page easy to search, easy to crawl, and easy to categorize. Its target is to help your customer find out your business from among other firms.
  4. Social media marketing:- Through social media marketing, we can easily generate traffic from social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Your content will grow an audience.

2. Technical niche

Now a day technology is a topic that is developing every day. If you are passionate about looking to explore updates in technology so your main purpose is to give out your knowledge about the technology field. Your goal is for the audience to look at your technology news first, and if you can understand the updated tech in the market so the audience wants your blog to find everything related to the technology.

The depth of the ocean is vast and immeasurable same as technology is also vast and immeasurable. We do all our work with the help of technology, technology makes our life easy and time-saving. People effectively engage with the latest technology like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, new gadgets, etc.

Technical niche

You can purchase and sell your product and gadgets from e-tailers like Amazon, Flip cart, Mintra, and other websites and get connected with the manufacturer and wholesaler. Here you can share your ideas and view about the new technology and products.

3. Finance and Investment niche

In our life and modern world finance and investment has a specific place. Day by day, the requirement of finance and investment is massively increasing for everything, which starts from your expense to your business need. You can make money if you know stock the market, foreign exchange market, personal finance, etc. and you can boost your blog.

You can create an impressive affiliate marketing business that helps people for saving and invest their money in the profitable area and various channels. There is some aggregation that helps you with finance and investment.

Finance and investment niche

  • Stock market:-A blog enhances the stock market instrument and trends.
  • Foreign exchange market:- This is the world’s biggest financial market and its turnover approx. 5 trillion (USD) per day. This is an international niche that spread over worldwide and it also tends to have a high commission in affiliate marketing.
  • Personal finance:- It is a term that manages your money as well as saving and investment. It covers budgeting,  banking, insurance, retirement planning, and tax and estate planning.

4. Health niche

The most important topic in our life is our health. Health and fitness industry is the most viewed blog niche on the internet. Peoples are very conscious and possessive of health. If we talk about health through social media so we connect with more audiences. The good thing about blogging in health and wellness is that this is an extensive topic.

Health niche

If you are a fitness trainer so create a blog and share your knowledge about food and diet with your audience. Spread awareness and inspire your audience, sharing your weight losing healthy food and share your healthy food recipe for lifestyle. Engaging your audience and friends and tell them about exercise, healthy food, psychological preparation, during this worst time people become stressed, panic, tidy and lazy so communicate with them for avoiding this thing.

At this time people are ready to spend more and more money on buying healthy relatively product for their own and family and this gives profit to affiliate marketing. This is a remunerative niche that never goes down because people always be careful about their health and they repeatedly buy health improvement products to use illness-related products.

5. Fashion and Beauty niche

As we all know that we are living in a glitz and glamour life so maintaining your fashion sense has become very important. Society is filled with fashion and beauty.  You can see a change in fashion and beauty every week and now it’s a competition and everyone wants to reach the top.

Fashion and Beauty niche

If you want to start your own blog so fashion niche is lucrative and highly profitable. People massively buying new and branded fashionable products like clothes, shoes, perfumes, cosmetic items, etc. share your fashion knowledge with your audience write fashion related blogs, upload posts about trends in fashion because people extremely loving invest in fashion and beauty for looking unique from others, thus giving more profits to the affiliate marketing.

Through video marketing like youtube, you can upload your video for beauty tips, and health care products like creams. If a person can afford everything else so he can purchase anything to maintain his comfort level.

This is a very profitable and remunerative niche for affiliate marketing. Selling all fashionable and beauty products in this industry has a lot more to offer.

6. Travelling niche

The traveling niche is a very interesting niche everyone likes to travel to a new destination, find a new place, exploring new places. Now in this working time, everyone has their own workload, they heavily engage with their work which increases stress, and irritation in behavior. Workaholic people do not give proper time to their family, and that’s why your relationship with your family members becomes loose, you start avoiding them so in this case traveling is the best idea to move on from the work, stress, irritation and feel the relaxation.

If you love to share your sweet traveling experience with people and write stories about it so you can create and manage a traveling blog and through this, you can tell people about traveling and curious about the new and hidden beauty of the obscure destinations, so people want to communicate with you and you can collect more traffic on your blog.

Travelling niche

You can earn money through travelling affiliate marketing just tell to people about new trips, discount package with family trip, sometime people not know what’s the best destination to go on trip with family or friends and how to book and fill the detail for tour and travelling so you can help them and earn some amount of money.

7. Food niche

If you asking to people, which thing is you most loving so many peoples says that they loving to eat and I also loving to eat  new thing, recipes, and delicious food. If you are passionate about food and making new recipe so food blog is too interesting niche for you. Every age group of person like to eat and this food topic is very popular is perfect for blogging and easily attract huge audience.

Food niche

Your passion will be become your money earning source and profitable platform. Youtube is best platform for you, create your channel and upload your recipe and tips video. Giving feedback to your audience build a trust that they always watching your video and regularly engage with you. food blogging is also the powerful niche in 2020.

8. Sports niche

Everyone love to play any sport there are huge fans of sports. Through sports you feel fresh and enhance your working abilities. Like people love to watch cricket, football, basketball, and so many sports.

The sports is a good affiliate market and estimated value is $65 billion. You can engage this field with affiliate marketing. Inspire your audience about sports, create sports blog, from this you can share your thoughts for sports so people communicate with you, and you can earn a good amount of money by selling sports equipment. Providing all the update about the games which are organize very soon.

Sports niche

If you effectively manage your sports blog niche, so this is best for to generate money source.

9. Yoga niche

Now in this time yoga become most popular activities. People doing yoga, vyayam, aasan etc. during in this time for increasing the internal power and meditation is giving relief to mind. Yoga is desperately way to find the peace during in frustrating life.

Yoga niche

Create a your yoga blog and share  your yoga video, healthy natural juices and engage with your audience from social medial platform like instagram, youtube, whatsapp etc. and earn money from the yoga relative affiliate marketing.

10. New business idea

This is a way you can share you marketing related expertise idea with new beginner or highly posted business. You can share your enhancing impressive technique and methods with new comers for their building  own business. People are massively gathering within this niche. People want setup their own business and want to contesting with other business owner,if your tricks and strategies may be help them for growing their business so your value as business advisor.

New business idea niche

You can create your own blog for about new business idea and engaging people, communicate with them, increase audience presence on your blog. You could also go in network marketing where you provide best different idea and they easily start their work.

11. Wealth Building niche

Many time people have no knowledge and education about how to build wealth, so basically money investment means future money making and people investing their money today so that they can generate money in future. People follow the advice of financial expert and trade market expert which help in investing basic budgeting and profitable area.

Trading service, financial newsletter, trading system etc. they all are way to suggest people how to invest successfully. whenever market go up and down, or sideways  whether its recession, depression or boom time, bull and bear in this situation invest product do well and good.

Wealth building niche

In the future this field consistently create new opportunities; at present bitcoin and cyrptocurrency are lucrative topics people want to learn more about it.

12. Music and Movies niche

Every month lots of music and movies are released and people love to watching and listening them. This also an effective blog in 2020. According to some music and movies lovers “life become mistake, without the music”

Films making and music are the two most popular and consumed media in the world. Create a blog and write review on songs and movies is also an affiliate marketing.

Music and Movies niche

Most of the people accept that when they listen music they feel relaxation if you having a passion for music so this is better for you blog. Giving you honest review and real opinion, this attract huge of audience.

13. News blog

News blog is one of the niche which never bored anyone because everyday new updates about everything we get from this news blog and it continuously keep running its trend. When a big controversy happen so everyone engage with news blog to know complete information about it. Our news headlines are completely filled up with politics, sports, education, Bollywood, entertainment, international news.

There are endless topic in news and no limit of content. Regular maintain connection with new update and posting them instant increase traffic toward your blog.

News blog niche

People highly interesting to know about spicy  news and you can use this interest for your profit, share these spicy news, current affairs, stories, about some high posted person, and actor or celebrity, that can attract a wide range of audience.

14. Self-improvement niche

If you want to stand strongly on any platform in your life, so firstly start working on your self-improvement, and this is the best niche online. Every person is busy with growing time and they want to know about ways for creating self-improvement and self-esteem, experience, career success, build up confidence, target and achieve goals, face off all your barriers.. these are the self- improvement pin points. In these days people are expressing about their weakness, and try to seek online ways helps to come out from this problem.

Self-improvement niche

Working on how to generate self-esteem in people create a loyal image of you and you get profits in affiliate marketing.

15. Pet Care niche

Pets also are the family member in our family group. Everyone love their pets and love to care animals. They cannot speak but as like us they also they have feeling, emotions, and love bond . When we are with the animal or pet we spend our time with full of enjoyment, we love their funny activities whatever they do.

Pet Care niche

Animals are so cute they are so humble they never attack on anyone without a reason they are also a precious part of nature as like other.

If person never take care of any animal so you can give them tip, about what animal eat, in which environment they feel relax, you can provide pet care information, studies, food recipe and tips. Pet care industry can generate over a 21 billion dollars annually, so it is profitable in affiliate marketing.

16. Gadget and Technology niche

In today’s time gadgets and technology, both words are most important and valuable words in everyone life. Mobile, laptop, tablets, speaker, car, air conditioner, refrigerator, and many more smart devices now they all are tightly link with our life. We cannot complete any work without the help of gadgets and technology, because our mentality is that we are totally depend on it. New gadgets and technology attracts people toward it, people are liking to use new phone, buying new vehicle and spending lots of money on it.

Gadget and Technology niche

Gadgets and technology niche is the source of making money very fast, you would be sell out product in the affiliate marketing. As affiliate you can sell through an   e-tailer like amazon etc. or you could import through the many websites, and connect with wholesaler and manufacturers.

You have to concentrating on marketing and the best approach is to create a money marketing blog where you share your new tech and updated gadgets and stories, provide information. This in an another market who establish  itself and continuously trending forever in the future.

17. Home Security niche

People never think about their home security their first focus point is money, job, business, family security, career and at last home security so why it could be your first priority, if your home broken in any natural calamities so what you do, where you go with your family, where you stay, so it must be necessary to keep home insurance of your home.

Home Security niche

And that’s one of the most important and make great thing for affiliate marketing : the feeling of security.

18. Lifestyle niche

The lifestyle word is referred to your way of life. These days people spent their most of time with their lifestyle and improving it, they follow a new way to live. There are many ways for you if you want to share your lifestyle with the audience so the best way of doing this is social media platform you can share your post, video, stories, highlights through Instagram, through Facebook, inspire your friends with your thought and opinions, tell them how to live life because life is precious.

Lifestyle niche

People love to enter positivity in their life. The lifestyle niche is good for business. You have to focus on it, think broadly about it, and give a fantastic performance to your audience.

People don’t know how to live a relaxed and attractive lifestyle because they do have not proper knowledge and no one to help them with it, but your blog must have the capability and power to change their life, it is a wise investment for affiliate marketing.

19. Fitness and Weight loss niche

You can ask people through your blog about their fitness care and weight maintain. As per changes in environment more dangerous health diseases are taking place in the human body. People are trying to losing weight and maintain their body shape. Now a days people are following strict diet schedules, they try to forget everything, every food.

Medical companies smartly help them for their own profits they provide supplements, diet , weight loss, they getting injection for maintain body shape, they try different type of therapy. Fitness and weight loss in always be a niche market and there are collection of profits.

Fitness and Weight loss niche

Create your own blog about fitness and weight loss and help those people with your idea who are suffering with these diseases. Through your blog you can make a sufficient amount of money by online.

20 Gaming niche

Gaming platforms are spread over on gaming laptops, smartphones, and personal computers. The gaming industry is growing fabulously. For you, there are present every type of game for every type of age group person, irrespective of the gender and status. People get addicted to the various game because the audience gets consistently new updates with the new release by the game developers.

Gaming niche

We have an endless stock of games so users are using more creativity and more and more games are being developed and making people crazy about it.